How to Enter a Team in the Competition

The competition may accept a limited number of teams.  Applications should be submitted as an e-mail to wmcallister@sjcny.edu sent no earlier than noon on  Monday April 13, 2015.

 Please include:

A response to your application will be sent by e-mail.

Teams accepted into the competition must send a second e-mail to wmcallister@sjcny.edu listing the addresses and names of the team members as they would like them to appear on the certificate of participation (maximum of three per team) by May 4, 2015.


Faculty advisors are encouraged to work with a group of candidate team members. Although a maximum of three students may actually compete, others may work with the group prior to the competition and may serve as an alternate if needed.

A school may enter more than one team. If the total number of teams entered exceed the number we can accommodate, a team will be eliminated from the school, or schools, who have entered the most teams on an last-entered-first-out basis until the total number of teams is consistent with the number we can accommodate.